Trinity Outreach

What is Catholic Mental Health Ministry all about?

Trinity Outreach mental health ministry is here to accompany fellow parishioners living with mental health or substance abuse challenges as well as their loved ones and caregivers. Our goal is to be prayerful companions always listening, praying, and seeking to understand. We work to overcome the isolation, confusion, and stigma that often accompany mental health and substance abuse challenges. We offer opportunities for mental health education, support group meetings, spiritual growth, and community resources as we journey together toward fuller participation in our Catholic faith.

Are you called to serve in Mental Health Ministry?

Mental health ministers provide support primarily through holy listening, that is listening in the context of the healing presence of God. We provide a safe, confidential, welcoming environment where people feel comfortable letting their story unfold at their pace. We provide spiritual companionship through prayer, referrals, guidance on the treatment process, education, and respect for the individual. Mental health ministers are compassionate, respectful of all, willing to learn, reliable, and listen without judgement. Mental health ministers do NOT provide treatment; instead we are present, constantly cultivating hope through awareness, acceptance, and accompaniment. Training is provided.

For inquires or to request additional information, contact Mary Fuller at

For crisis intervention,
contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Call, Text, or Chat: 988

Spiritual Support Group Meeting

When: Thursday, August 11
Time: 9:00-10:15am
Location: Parish Center, Classroom A

Trinity Outreach welcomes you! Please join us as we grow towards a closer relationship with our merciful Lord and to a fuller participation in our Catholic faith. We all have mental health so this ministry welcomes everyone! We welcome you to join us in a confidential, safe place to share our sacred stories (sharing is always optional). We will share parts of our journeys, pray together, and share a morning snack. All are encouraged to attend 8:15am Mass prior to our meeting.

Upcoming Events

These events are open to any adults wanting to learn more about mental illness and how we as a church can respond and minister to those with mental health challenges and their families.

Mental Health First Aid
When: Saturday, September 10
Time: 9:00am-3:30pm
Location: St. Peter Cathedral, Rockford
Click HERE for more details.

Mental Health 101 for Catholics
When: Saturday, October 15
Time: 9:00am-2:00pm
Location: St. Bridget, Mitchell Hall
Click HERE for more details.

Prayer for Those Living with Mental Health Challenges

Loving God, we pray today for those who are confronted by the sadness, ambiguity and confusion of mental illness, and for those upon whom they depend for attention and compassionate care. Look with mercy on all whose afflictions bring them weakness, distress, confusion, or isolation. Provide for them homes of dignity and peace; give to them understanding helpers and the willingness to accept help. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Those Living with Dementia & Their Caregivers

Did you know that more than 9 million Americans live with some form of Dementia today? As children ofGod, we are all created with dignity and value; no physical or cognitive disability diminishes that. All humanlife is sacred. While great satisfaction and increased inner strength can come with caring for someone living with dementia, it is still not easy. Let us pray …Loving God, Healer and Comforter, we pray for those who sufer from the anxiety, ambiguity and confusion of dementia, and in a special way for their caregivers. Give them patience as they work through familiar daily scripts and questions asked, answered, and asked again. Give them long memories to recall the fullness of their loved one's life beyond these moments of forgetting. Give them the grace to let go of what was and embrace what is in love. When the pain of being forgotten and the grinding trials become too much, comfort them with the promise of your Resurrection where every tear shall be wiped away and we shall know each other once more. God of all mercies, sustain those who care for others. Grant them what they need for the moments ahead. We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes, Amen. Trinity Outreach Mental Health Ministry is praying for you.