Liturgical Ministries


Do you enjoy greeting people and creating a warm, welcoming environment? If so, we need you to help the church by serving as an usher! Members of this ministry come a little earlier, stay a little later, help those who arrive a little late find a pew (don’t worry, it happens sometimes!), and assist with the offertory collection. We need your smile and positive attitude - consider becoming an usher! Call the Parish Office at 815-633-6311 for more information.


Would you like to proclaim the Word of God during the Mass? If so, consider becoming one of our Lectors! Members of this ministry have been confirmed and are age 16 or older. Call the Parish Office today at 815-633-6311 to learn more about this very special ministry!


We love when the youth of our church get involved in the center of our Catholic faith - the Mass! Altar servers, boys and girls in Grades 5-12, serve God and His people by assisting the priest during Mass. Altar servers are scheduled for weekend and weekday Masses about once a month, and they can also be called on to serve for a wedding, funeral, or other special Mass. Call the Parish Office at 815-633-6311 for more information. We can’t wait to see you at Mass!

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