Liturgical Ministries

For our some of the liturgical ministries, we use Ministry Scheduler Pro to create schedules. To access the sign in page, please click Ministry Scheduler Pro below to login and see the current schedule, request a substitute, or volunteer for open positions.

Ministry Scheduler Pro

Eucharistic Minister

As Christians, we are part of the Body of Christ, and as Catholics, we have the opportunity to receive the Body of Christ. With such a gift, we are sometimes in need of assistance to distribute Jesus’ body at Holy Mass. We would like you to prayerfully consider being an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. For more information or to sign up, contact Monica Riseley or 815-633-8514. Thank you for joining us!


Would you like to proclaim the Word of God during the Mass? If so, consider becoming one of our Lectors. Members of this ministry need to be age 16 or older and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Contact Monica Riseley at or 815-633-8514 to sign up or learn more about this ministry.

Altar Server

We love when the youth of our church get involved in the center of our Catholic faith - the Mass! Altar servers are boys and girls in Grades 5-12 who serve God and His people by assisting the priest during Mass. Altar servers are scheduled for weekend Masses about once a month, and they can also be called on to serve for a wedding, funeral, or other special Mass. Contact Monica Riseley 815-633-8514 or for more information.

Music Ministry

Do enjoy singing? We deeply value your musical gifts, and we invite you to share your love for music by joining our Music Ministry. We offer opportunites of being a Cantor at Mass and singing in our Adult Choir. Here are more Music Ministry Details. Please contact Dan Walls to get involved!

Livestream Ministry

Do you like working with video technology? The livestream ministry provides a livestream for the 8:15am Mass (Monday through Saturday) and the 10:00am Mass on Sunday. Training will be provided. If you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer, call the Parish Office 815-633-6311.


Do you enjoy greeting people and creating a warm, welcoming environment? If so, we need you to help the church by serving as an usher. Members of this ministry come a little early before Mass, stay a little after Mass, help those who arrive a little late find a pew, and assist with the offertory collection. We need your smile and positive attitude. Call the Parish Office 815-633-6311 for more information.

Angel Dusters

Do you like to clean? Angel Dusters clean the Church one Saturday morning each month and weekly on Mondays after the 8:15am Mass. If you are interested in helping, call the Parish Office 815-633-6311 to volunteer.

Liturgical Environment

Would you like to help decorate the Church for the liturgical seasons? The arts and environment team decorate the Church for the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. If you are interested in helping, call the Parish Office 815-633-6311 to volunteer.