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We were pleased to launch this revamped website for St. Bridget parishioners and guests. Information that was found on the former version of this website can be found on the new website. The information may be in a different place than where it used to be.

Some new features we would like to highlight

1.      Mobile compatibility on your cell phone or your tablet.

2.      Listening to recording homilies has never been easier! You can find it on the website, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and many more platforms. That means you can subscribe to it on your phone and listen to episodes on the go.

3.      Make the website feel more modern with high quality images and videos and streamlined content

You can now listen to our Homilies on your phone with Apple Podcast, Spotify and others.

The “News” tab is were you will find important messages and any new information we may share.

The “I’m New” tab is where you go if you want to learn more about who we are as a parish.

1.      What We Believe

2.      What to Expect

3.      Testimonies

4.      Where We Started

5.      Parish Staff

The “Get Involved” tab is where you will find

1.      Service teams

2.      How adults, youth and kids can get involved

3.      Become a Parishioner

4.      Safe Environment  

The “Go Deeper” tap is where you find

1.      Adults, kids and youth for more information on growing in your faith

2.      Basic prayers

3.      Resources

We hope you enjoy the new website.

Latest Messages

Other Messages

Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers will present a 2-hour Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ at St. Bridget Church. Please join us for this in-person event on Sunday, December 19, at 6:00pm.

Fr. Grismer on Relevant Radio

Fr. Grismer will be on Relevant Radio Thursday, December 9, at 11:00am. He will speak on "Living Our Priest, Prophet, and Kingness during Advent & Christmas".

Holy Hour for the Protection of Life

We will be having a special Holy Hour for the Protection of Human Life on Monday, December 6, from 7:00-8:00pm in the Church. All are welcome to join us!