2023 Diocesan Appeal

2023 Diocesan Appeal

I would like to thank the parish for the great support that was given for the 2022 Stewardship Appeal. We had excellent participation and were able to make our goal. The 2023 Appeal will begin soon. This Appeal supports all our diocesan ministries. Seminarian education is supported through diocesan stewardship. Our parish has been blessed by the presence of numerous seminarians who will become our future priests. The Appeal also supports Catholic Charities, our Catholic Education Office, Permanent Diaconate Office, Lay Ministry Formation, College Campus Ministry, Marriage and Family Life Office, and many other vital ministries and programs.

This year’s theme, “Know Him, See Him”, is a great reminder for us to build our own relationship with Jesus through prayer. The more we know Him the more we are able to live and share our faith in daily life and through the ministry life of the Church.

We will soon have the opportunity to support the 2023 Diocesan Appeal. There will be a pledge envelope coming in the mail in mid-April. Our target goal for the 2023 Appeal is $124,013 which reflects a slight increase from the previous year. For the 2023 Diocesan Appeal, please prayerfully consider a pledge of $300, which can be paid over the course of the year, some may be able to pledge more and others less in light of your circumstances. It will also be possible to make a Pledge Online.

Let us all work together on the 2023 Appeal. Any amount we raise over the target amount will come back to our parish to help with our ministry needs. Any shortfall will need to be made up out of our operating budget. Thanks so much for your consideration of this important effort. May all of us continue to grow in our love for Christ and His Church!

On behalf of Bishop Malloy, I would like to thank you for your support of our Diocesan Church, which covers most of Northern Illinois. Please consider a pledge to the 2023 Appeal. Here is more information about the 2023 Diocesan Appeal. You can also Pledge Online. We are blessed to be part of a great Diocese, so let us do our part to keep our Diocesan ministries growing and strong!

In Christ,

Msgr. Steve Knox

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2023 Diocesan Appeal

Every year, the Diocesan Appeal raises money that supports ministries, programs, & services throughout the Diocese. Watch for an envelope coming in the mail in mid-April. Please consider a pledge to the 2023 Appeal.

Respect Life

Human life at every stage has dignity, value, and worth because we are created in the image and likeness of God. Join us in praying for the protection of human life and serving moms in need.


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