2021 Diocesan Appeal

2021 Diocesan Appeal

It was not long after the pandemic hit a little over a year ago that we launched the 2020 Diocesan Appeal. Our parish did an amazing job, and we were able to reach our goal for the well-being of our Diocese. This Appeal supports all of our Diocesan ministries. Seminarian education is supported through this appeal. Our parish has known the blessing of having seminarian involvement at various times during the year as they prepare to become priests. The Appeal also supports Catholic Charities, our Catholic Education Office, Marriage Preparation, Permanent Diaconate Office, Religious Education and Youth Ministries, and many other vital Diocesan ministries.

We will soon have an opportunity to support the 2021 Diocesan Appeal. There will be a pledge envelope coming in the mail in mid-April. Our target goal for the 2021 Appeal is $113,387. The Diocesan Appeal target has been decreased for seven consecutive years without diminishing the services provided by Diocesan ministries. Our Diocese is seeking to be a good steward of our Diocesan resources and the contributions generously shared by parishioners.

Please consider a pledge to the upcoming 2021 Appeal. Here is more information about the 2021 Diocesan Appeal. Any amount we raise over our target amount will come back to us. Any shortfall will need to be made up out of our operating budget. There will be the option of making an online gift. We are blessed to be part of a great Diocese, so let us do our part to keep our Diocesan ministries growing and strong!

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Fr. Grismer on Relevant Radio

Fr. Grismer was on Relevant Radio Monday, April 12. He spoke about Mary and the Resurrection.

2021 Diocesan Appeal

We will soon have an opportunity to support the 2021 Annual Diocesan Appeal. This year’s theme is "Bear Much Fruit". Every year, the Diocesan Appeal raises money that supports ministries, programs, & services throughout the Diocese. Please consider a pledge to the upcoming Appeal.


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