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2022 Mass Intentions Book

The 2022 Mass Intentions Book is open. A positive change this year is that it will now be possible to schedule Masses online through a link on our parish website. It is also fine to come to the Parish Office to schedule Masses or to mail them to the Parish Office. Many parishes now use online scheduler programs which are accessible 24/7, and are efficient and easy to use. I think this will be a very helpful tool for us.  We will continue to list the Mass intentions each week in the bulletin and announce the particular intention during the intercessory prayers at Mass. Flame of Faith Intentions, which are for the Presence Lamp in the Sanctuary and the Vigil Lights in the Adoration Chapel, can also be scheduled online or in person. Please be aware that Masses cannot be scheduled more than a full year from the current date of your request. 

Mass Intentions are very popular and are frequently requested to remember and pray for a deceased loved one. Our desire is to be as generous as possible in fulfilling everyone’s requests, but we also have to be fair so that everyone has an opportunity to have Masses offered. Last year, the Mass Intentions Book filled up rapidly, so we needed to make some adjustments to our guidelines. Here are the updated guidelines: 

  • We will only have the first 6 months of 2022 available to schedule.
  • We will need to limit parishioners to 8 Mass intentions per year.  Of the 8 Masses, only two can be Sunday Masses or 1 Sunday and 1 Holy Day.
  • The donation for each Mass will now be $12 to help cover the costs of maintaining the new program.
  • The donation for the Presence Lamp will be $12.
  • The donation for the 4 Vigil Lights in the Adoration Chapel will be $40.
  • A person can reserve Mass Intentions, Presence Lamp, or Vigil Lights online, in person, or by mail.
  • Payment for Mass Intentions, Presence Lamp, or Vigil Lights can be made online, in person, or by mail.
  • All Mass Intentions, Presence Lamp, and Vigil Lights request are subject to approval by the parish.
  • Please know that if you have an abundance of Mass Intentions, they can also be sent to the Diocese for distribution to retired priests and missionaries.

Our parish secretary, Lynn Hagedorn, is the administrator of the program.  She will be assisted by our Office Manager, Cindy Godawski.  Please give Lynn a call if you have any questions (815) 633-6311.

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Mass Intentions Book

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