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You are welcome as you are at St. Bridget Church! We know that coming to a new place (or coming back) can be a bit nerve wracking, so here are some tips that can hopefully put your nerves at ease. Come join us, and together we will grow in relationship with Jesus!  We look forward to meeting you!

Approaching the building

There are four major buildings on our campus. The Church has a large circular exterior with a cross on the top of it. We invite you to park in the large parking lot kitty-corner to the Church. It has entrances both on Clifford Ave and E. Renrose Ave. If you have a need for closer handicap accessibility, we have parking around the back of the Church (west end). Above the main doors of the Church are the words: “I rejoiced when I heard them say, ‘Let us go to God’s house.’ ”

What should I wear?

We strive to give our best to the Lord, and that means even in the way we dress. Most of us will be in business casual, but we encourage you to dress comfortably.

What if I have loud children?

We love children! We encourage you to bring your family and find a place in our Church. If the children seem to be squirmy or more talkative than normal, we have a children’s room in the back of the Church with a full view and sound of the Mass.