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How has St. Bridget impacted your life?

“St. Bridget Catholic Church, and particularly its Student Ministry program, has formed me into a disciple of Christ. By teaching me how to pray, helping me learn how to have a personal relationship with the Father, fostering a community of authentic love, revealing to me my identity as a beloved son of the Father, and giving me opportunities to lead and engage in the Church’s mission to witness to the Gospel and transform secular culture, St. Bridget has given me priceless tools by which I have come to know the plans the Father has for me.” 

-Bailey, Seminarian, 20

“No matter the changes or struggles in my life or my parish, St. Bridget is where I am nurtured, loved, forgiven, and always welcome.” 

-Linda, Parishioner, 71 

“I swore I'd never be Catholic. But I resolved to attend St. Bridget for a short time with my husband as I continued the search for our permanent non-denominational church home. Boy did the Lord have other plans for me! Within a few short months, the Lord showed me that St. Bridget and the Catholic faith were everything I was looking for and would deepen my faith more than I ever thought possible. I had found my church home.” 

-Jen, Parishioner, Convert, 48

“As a student and server, I knelt down on the step in front of the altar. The words of the priest were the words of Jesus to my soul. Christ had given Himself to me countless times in that very place, and from that very place, He called me to be given for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.” 

-Rev. Robert Blood, Priest, 27

"St. Bridget Catholic Church has helped draw me closer to God. Because of that, I have found myself being a better example to those around me. St. Bridget's Middle School Ministry is a great place to have fun, make friends, and most importantly grow in FAITH!!!"  

-Johnny, 13

“St. Bridget Student Ministries has shown me that God is working in my life, and he is really present in my relationships. The people at St. Bridget have allowed me to experience the love of God by helping me understand that I am known and loved just as I am.”

 -Alexandra, 17

“God completely transformed my life when I started attending St. Bridget’s high school youth ministry events where He taught me how to truly fall in love with Him and with my faith. The people that ministered, cared for, and led me to grow closer to Christ through St. Bridget’s youth ministry program inspired me to continue sharing God’s abundant love with others. For the past two years, the Lord so graciously has let me minister and love on the middle schoolers here at St. Bridget's through our middle school youth ministry program, and He has continued to show me what true love, joy, and faith look like through every little heart I encounter. Looking back on it now, I couldn’t be more grateful that I said “yes” that one Sunday night my sophomore year in high school to go and experience God in a new way, which ended up changing my life and heart forever for His greater glory.”  

-Hannah, 21

“I fell away from the church in college, as some of us do. After graduating, I married my wife in a civil ceremony. We had our first child on September 21, 2004 via an emergency C-section. Our daughter’s lungs were not fully developed, and she was unable to breath on her own. I fell to my knees and promised God: if He brought her through it all, I would be His forever. Fast forward- our marriage was convalidated at St. Bridget, our daughter is a sophomore at Boylan, and I am His forever.”  

-Todd, 51

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