Bible Study

St. Bridget Bible Study

The Bible is at the heart of our faith and our relationship with God. Scripture informs our beliefs and inspires our devotions. It is the place where our Father meets us and lovingly speaks to us. Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Jesus, but understanding it is often difficult. By attending a Bible study, you will better understand the Bible, learn more about Christ, deepen your faith, pray with Scripture, and learn to live as a Christian in your daily life. Participants meet weekly to view engaging video presentations, share in lively group discussions, and enjoy Christian fellowship led by knowledgeable facilitators. No matter if you have never studied the Bible before or have studied your entire life, we value your presence at our Bible studies. All are welcome to join!

For times and dates, please contact the Parish Office 815-633-6311

Participant Testimonials

“Attending these studies has been truly amazing. I have been Catholic all my life - attended 12 years of Catholic schooling and felt that I had a strong faith. However, I did not feel that I had a grasp of the Bible. Sure, I knew the major stories from readings at church, but not how the Old Testament went with the New Testament. Attending these studies, answering the questions, discussing them with the other participants, and watching the videos has significantly impacted my understanding. Mass has become so much more meaningful to me because I understand the readings, the symbolism that is present throughout. I have been blessed to have my eyes opened wider from all of the studies.”

“Bible study at St.Bridget is the piece that has been missing from my lifelong Catholic education. I have learned so much more than the contents of the books studied. The facilitator’s excellent preparation and presentation help the group to understand the relationship between the Old and the New Testament and to gain insights into God's wonderful plan for His children.”

“Bible study has changed the way I "attend" Mass. The words now jump off the page, and I can see the story unfold. It is much more meaningful when you actually have a depth of knowledge.”

“Bible study has made me a better Christian, a better Catholic, and a better person.”