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Light of the World

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life or what your purpose is? Can I really know God’s plan for my life? If you have ever asked yourself these and other similar questions, we have good news for you! You are not alone.


Cursillo is a movement within the Catholic Church to make Christian communities possible in neighborhoods, parishes, work situations, and other places where people live the greater part of their lives. This gives many a new and deeper understanding of our Catholic faith, the Sacraments, Eucharistic Adoration, and living in a Christian community.

That Man Is You

Calling all men! You are invited to join us on Saturday mornings for a transformative time of fellowship with other men and encouragement in our vocations. At these That Man is You gatherings, we honestly and openly address the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture.

Marriage Ministry

The St. Bridget parish community celebrates the beauty of the sacrament of marriage and desires to support you in your marriage! If you are looking for a “date night” for you and your spouse, check the parish calendar for the next Marriage on Tap event!

Bible Study

The Bible is an incredible love letter from God to His beloved-you! Many of us were never taught how to go through this beautiful treasure. We invite you to join us as we walk through books of the Bible together and in so doing, learn the gift of our God.

Prayer Groups

We believe your spiritual nourishment is primary for living life to the fullest. See the various groups and events offered that have the potential to bringing life-changing moments!

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